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Wednesday, March 12, 2014 • 11:41 AM • 0 comments

For the long time i was thinking  about this. Yaa, thinking about the useles problem that make me sicks and fed up *sigh. I dont know who is true in this problem. Is that her or him ? If you asking me "whats problem tht you have Intan?'' and i want to tell that my problem is LOVE ! And here this problem ~ On 21/1/2013 i was falled in love with one guys. That guys from Pahang and stayed at Jelebu,N9. He's name is MOHD SAFIUDDIN AFIQ B. JAFRIDIN. He was propose me on that day to be his girlfriends. And for sure im happy. Happy because at the end i got him. Almost everyday i be with him. EVERYDAY ! And im happy with him . But it's only temporary. I dont know whats the problem is it. Many girl visit my blog,twitter,facebook and insta told me that he just gamed me a.k.a HE IS PLAYER ! I dont know it is true or not. Its many time i asked him and he just said ' Smua tu just nk hncurkan hidup i. Jgn caya ckp dorg. You kena kuat hdapi dugaan smua ni. I betol sayang you and tak duakan you ' I really not understand about it. He just saying that then just forget about that problem without solve it. Seriously, I'm sick of all the action. Almost many times I asked him to solve this problem. But he's just saying he would do that. Im just wait , wait and WAITING ! Now I've lost my patience. I have read a blog one of the girls. I shocked that the post. Is it true ? Is that they have a relationship ? if all of that trues ? Hm i dont know whts to say. Its VERY VERY HURT ! I've asked him to leave me but he dont want ! He said that he really love me. He dont want to leave me until forever ! Im stress thinking about this. Ya Allah, please help me! I dont know who is true or not. Is that the girls true or him ? I really love him ! If i know that he is a PLAYBOY, i will leave him. I will leave him even my hearts hurt ! I dont want to cry for the PLAYBOY. Its useless ! Please show me who is true ! Show me that ! I sick thinking about this. Please :'(

Im just love him . But i cannot accept if he really just game on me. Im very HURT ! :/

HAI , i from pluto . My UFO was break down , My age 11200 years old, i have 12 mother . my birth date 12/12/2090 . i just want to say behave with me because i have 2pair screw driver as my hand . bhaha..

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